3DRIVER - Test Version

3DRIVER is currently in version Test Version 1.3.0 There's currently 2 developers of the game.

Patch history.Edit

Test VersionEdit


  • Improved air physics.
  • Improved steering and acceleration physics.
  • Ban system added.
  • Improved countdown.
  • Main menu option to toggle ON/OFF background animation.
  • Countdown sound added.
  • Coin Pick-Up sound added.
  • Item Purchase sound added.
  • "News" section added in "Help" menu.
  • Improved rewards screen when completing a race.
  • Car Classes added at pre-race screen.
  • Minor additions and bug fixes.


  • Added flippers to shop.
  • The Link Not Found We Will Fix Game Soon


  • Unity Island rocks and trees no-clipping fixed.
  • Splitscreen added to Unity Island.
  • Added WASD controls to Single Player.
  • Added ESC to pause During Race.
  • Coins collected highscores fixed.


  • Unity Island lag fix.
  • Unity Island Improved
  • Other Bugfixes


  • Unity Island added to game.
  • 1vs1 Spltiscreen For Unity Island Is Coming Soon