Wiki woot
The shop is the where you can buy new cars, upgrades, boosters, equipment, car designs or drivers. You use the silver you earned from races and daily gifts to buy items. Currently, silver is the only currency.


Here is all the cars available in the game. To see a more detailed run down of the cars, click here.


Wiki upgrades
After selecting what car you want to upgrade, you will get this option. To see a more detailed run down of upgrades, click here.


Wiki boosters
Here are the boosters.

The speed-up booster will boost all of your cars top speed.

Silver booster will boost silver by x2 for all silver you get.

Experience booster will boost your experience by x2 for all experience you get.



Here is the equipment.

The radar gives you a small screen when racing that shows a top-down view of the map, it uses the top of the car as the reference point, costs 750,000 for each car.

The camera changer gives you the option to change between hood view and 3. person view when racing, costs 485,000 for each car

The flipper is used in races by pressing 'F', it will turn the car back on it's wheels faster than if you wait, it costs 412,125 silver in the shop, and if you don't have one while you race, you can buy while racing for 850,000.

Car designsEdit

Car Designs
Car designs is where you can change the colour of your car, or you can try out the more expensive custom car wraps. This feature is available on all the cars except the test cars.

New driversEdit

Currently this feature is not in the game.